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eCOCO2 Approach

Single-step electrolysis and one-pot catalytic conversion


Jet fuel

Energy efficiency 

> 85%

Integration degree

Direct (fully-integrated) conversion in compact sized reactor

Final TRL



1.- CO2 conversion and utilization: from conventional multi-stage processes to single stage process in eCOCO2

The eCOCO2 project will achieve overall conversion efficiencies higher than those observed in multi-step conversion technologies, and at the same time reach lower production costs. This will be achieved by reducing energy expenses (due to the higher energy efficiency) and capital investment (due to process intensification).


2.- Jet fuels: characteristics, main production routes and beyond in eCOCO2

The eCOCO2 project will develop alternative technologies to produce carbon-neutral synthetic jet fuels from CO2 and water having a suitable composition of different types of C7-C16 hydrocarbons that include, besides linear and branched paraffins, cyclic paraffins and aromatics. These will be of high relevance for their direct use (i.e. without requiring blending with conventional oil-derived jet fuels) in aircraft engines. The integrated technologies will combine CO2 reduction and steam electrolysis in a one step process of unprecedented efficiency.

3.- Advanced catalysts in eCOCO2

The eCOCO2 project will optimise multi-functional catalysts for the one-pot production of jet fuels (C7-C16) directly from CO2 and H2 by properly tuning the properties of both the first reduction steps catalyst and the zeolite (e.g. acidity, pore size, pore interconnectivity, crystallite size, etc.). Two routes involving (1) light olefins (via m-FTS), and (2) methanol/DME intermediates will be considered. The catalyst properties will be adjusted to enable the efficient operation in the conditions required for integration with co-ionic electrochemical cells.

4.- Electrochemical membrane reactors

The eCOCO2 project will validate and optimize a co-ionic membrane reactor based on PCEC technology for the direct electrocatalytic conversion of CO2 and steam into chemical energy carriers.

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This project has received European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation funding under grant agreement Nº 838077.

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